Shanghai to Hong Kong/Beijing Rail Freight Service

Rapid and reliable freight transportation services made possible by high-speed rail.

Hankyu Hanshin Express transports goods between Shanghai and Hong Kong and between Shanghai and Beijing using new special freight cars on high-speed rail. Daily express return trips of these high-speed rail cars enable us to guarantee a rapid and reliable freight transportation service. We can assist our customers in minimizing their environmental impact through the use of environmentally friendly rail services.

Express Services from Shanghai to Shenzhen/Beijing

Our service utilizes express freight trains that make daily return trips from Shanghai to Shenzhen (approximately 17 hours one way) and from Shanghai to Beijing (approximately 12 hours and 20 minutes one way) (Shenzhen to Hong Kong is via truck). High-speed rail at speeds of up to 160 km/h allows us to provide rapid and safe freight transportation services.

Reliable Security

Surveillance cameras are installed in each rail car for potential security breaches. Hankyu Hanshin Express looks after your goods the full length of the journey to ensure peace of mind.


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