Information Security Policy

Hankyu Hanshin Express regulates our policy that is intended to take measures necessary for the prevention of leakage, falsification or improper use of information assets which we possess in the course of business and for the stable operation of our information systems, to ensure the information security (from the perspectives of confidentiality, completeness and availability) and, especially, to offer more reassurance and confidence to our stakeholders including our customers.

1. Approach to ensure the information security
Hankyu Hanshin Express establishes the system to manage the information security as well as regulating the rules for
the steady implementation to perform effective operation of this system.
2. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
Hankyu Hanshin Express complies with laws and regulations, contractual obligations and all security requirements.
3. Protection of information assets
Hankyu Hanshin Express completes risk assessments of threats to and vulnerabilities of information assets from the
perspectives of confidentiality, completeness and availability, and takes action as required.
4. Response to accidents
Hankyu Hanshin Express takes preventative measures in order to provide our customers with consistent services. In the
occurrence of a threat to security, we strive to minimize the impact as much as possible.
5. Implementation of education and training
For all the executive officers and employees, Hankyu Hanshin Express implements the education and training programs
that are necessary to recognize the importance of information security.
6. Implementation of continuous improvement
On a regular basis, Hankyu Hanshin Express confirms that the compliance with this policy is observed. In order to
maintain the validity, we continually strive to review and improve the policy.

Enacted: April 1, 2016
Revised: September 1, 2016

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