HANKYU HANSHIN EXPRESS CO.,Ltd-Moscow Representative Office

We Provide the Fastest Service Using Domodedovo Airport

Our office is located right in the center of Moscow at World Trade Center. We have been in the market since 2008 as a branch office of Hankyu Hanshin Netherland,and since 2011 as the representative office of Hankyu Hanshin Japan.
Our main business is air cargo from Japan, but we are also expanding ocean, rail transport and road transport covering most of Russia.Moreover with help from our agents’ network we are able to provide all services to most of CIS countries, as well.We wish to stress on our customs clearance at DOMODEDOVO(DME) airport. Customs Clearance is smoother than SHEREMETYEVO(SVO) airport. We can provide swift service with help of our agent.Russia is still a difficult market for all, however we are here to help and to enter into the market whatever the demand is.