Corporate Profile: President's Message

Hankyu Hanshin Express will celebrate the 9th anniversary of its founding and the 6th anniversary as the core company* of the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group this fiscal year.

We will move forward with reforms toward a balanced business portfolio, construct and execute an optimal profit expansion policy, and deepen our global governance structure to make it stronger according to the basic strategy set out in the three-year business plan which was launched in the fiscal year 2016.
In line with "V2025," which was established in 2013, moreover, our long-term management vision aims to review business operations, taking into account the changes taking place, and transform Hankyu Hanshin Express into a global company, by extension, into an innovative logistics provider that offers creative services with higher added value.

To implement these roadmaps, each individual employee must be quality-conscious and have a customer-oriented mindset.

In compliance with our business policy, which is best described as "a vibrant enterprise arises from respecting diversity", the entire Hankyu Hanshin Express Group will join together on a global level with each employee capitalizing on its potential and work toward the enhancement of our brand’s value by responding customers’ various needs.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation of your unwavering support and loyalty.

Seisaku Okafuji, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Kazuhiro Tanimura, President & Chief Operating Officer

* The Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group positions the six business domains-urban transportation, real estate, entertainment and communications, travel, international transportation, and hotels-as core businesses, we aim to foster organic growth across the entire group. Under the direction of the company, which supervises the group’s management, these businesses are operated by six core companies: Hankyu Corporation, Hanshin Electric Railway, Hankyu Hanshin Properties, Hankyu Travel International, Hankyu Hanshin Express, and Hankyu Hanshin Hotels.

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