Hankyu Hanshin Express ensures compliance and is proactively involved in social and environmental conservation initiatives.

Ensuring compliance is a crucial task for the continuity of a company or business today. Expanding businesses or markets and ensuring compliance while maintaining high-quality services are two wheels that are closely related to each other and help us open our future. In response to the needs for consideration to society and the environment, Hankyu Hanshin Express, as the core company of the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group, is engaged in many activities, fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and contributing to the development of a prosperous and cohesive society. The Group strives to contribute to society and live up to expectations through our social initiatives including volunteer work in Japan and overseas, and through environmental conservation initiatives to minimize environmental impact in order to achieve the ultimate goal of global environmental conservation. Paying attention to the employees’ work-life balance, we are also promoting diversity management, through initiatives to enhance diversity in human resources as well as the roles of female employees.

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