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A pioneer in animal transportation; employing our vast experience and expertise gained over many years of service.

Hankyu Hanshin Express has been involved in the international and domestic transportation of animals, including terrestrial animal, aquatic animals and birds since 1950. The need for animal transportation varies, but whether it is for exhibition, research or conservation Hankyu Hanshin Express ensures that the animals are stressed as little as possible and are kept free from disease. We transport this precious cargo safely, swiftly and securely by the most appropriate means in compliance with the legal requirements of Japan and abroad.

Animal Transportation Expert

Hankyu Hanshin Express became the first forwarder in Japan to import pandas and koalas. Hankyu Hanshin Express has also imported large animals, such as elephants and tigers. Making the most of our experience and expertise gained as a pioneer of animal transportation, we support the world's breeding project and cooperate in the preservation of endangered species and the conservation of biological diversity through the transportation.

Specialist Team

The transportation of animals requires specialist knowledge in every stage of transportation including international forwarding, customs clearance and domestic transportation. Hankyu Hanshin Express has formed a specialist team to enable the provision of the highest quality service. The success of animal transportation is determined not only by the skill involved in the transportation itself but also by the thorough preparation of both the place of departure and destination. Hankyu Hanshin Express ensures that we are fully prepared for the entire process.

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