Medical Equipment Logistics and Leasing

Reliable and safe medical equipment logistics and leasing services that handle medical equipment and cosmetics with advanced quality control.

Hankyu Hanshin Express Narita Cargo Center has obtained Medical Equipment Manufacturing Registration, ISO 13485 accreditation, specially controlled medical devices distributing and leasing approval and cosmetics manufacturing approval. Hankyu Hanshin Express has established a storage and management system that ensures the handling of medical equipment and cosmetics is completed without compromising quality and safety. We are able to provide quality complementary services including, medical equipment and cosmetics importing and exporting, storage and nationwide delivery.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Registration

Hankyu Hanshin Express has medical equipment manufacturing registration; therefore we are able to act as a contractor of labeling, sorting and packaging for medical equipment manufacturers and distributors. This absolves our customers of the hassle of needing to apply for registration.

Specialist Technical Experts

Hankyu Hanshin Express has specialist technical experts with expertise in medical equipment services, saving our customers the need to appoint their own specialists.

ISO13485 Accreditation

The Medical Equipment Team of the Narita Cargo Center has acquired ISO13485 accreditation (quality management systems for handling of medical instruments). In order to ensure the quality and safety of medical equipment after delivery to the end customer, our dedicated team completes thorough quality management.

Specially Controlled Medical Devices Distributing and Leasing Accreditation

Acquisition of the accreditation enables Hankyu Hanshin Express to directly deliver imported medical equipment to hospitals, doctors and research centers, expanding our range of services.

Cosmetic Products Manufacturing Authorization

This authorization enables Hankyu Hanshin Express to repackage and relabel imported cosmetic products, as well as insert written product information.


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