Bonded Goods Inspection Service

Thorough bonded goods inspection for customs duty reductions and exemptions completed at an advanced facility.

Customs Tariff Act Article 19-3 stipulates that when imported goods are exported in the same state in which they were imported, the importer is eligible for a refund of customs duties paid. For example, an importer is able to claim a duty refund (or duty reduction) on watches, leather shoes, bags and garments that meet the criteria of the Act after completing the necessary procedures. In order to be eligible for duty refunds, imported goods require thorough bonded goods inspection at the time of import, and confirmation of goods eligible for export is required before the goods may be exported.

Hankyu Hanshin Express completes inspections at a purpose specific facility, where the customs appraisal documentation is completed and goods are photographed and tagged. We have installed surveillance cameras, motion sensors and an electronic locking system to deliver secure and reliable service. Furthermore, the facility has a terminal that reduces the hassle of transportation and delivery times.


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