Sea and Air Freight Service from the Port of Yantai and the Port of Weihai, China

Sea and air freight via Korea providing time and cost saving options.

A freight transportation service from the Port of Yantai or The Port of Weihai, China to Incheon Port, South Korea via sea that connects an air freight service to the final destination. Transportation via South Korea allows smoother delivery, and in some cases also reduces times and costs.

Smooth Delivery through Combined Sea and Air Freight Transportation

Goods are transported from the Port of Yantai, China or the Port of Weihai to Incheon Port, South Korea via sea in shipping containers. Transporting containers held in bond is known as bonded freight forwarding. Containers are unloaded at Incheon Port and transported to Incheon Airport. Goods are inspected and then forwarded to the final destination.

A Faster and More Affordable Option

The loading of freight at the Port of Yantai and the Port of Weihai only occurs three hours prior to departure.* This not only saves time but also allows the transportation of goods at a similar speed to that of air freight but at a more affordable cost.

*Applicable only if the exporter is based in the bonded district and is able to complete customs procedures. Conditions may differ in other situations, therefore please be sure to confirm procedures for each shipment.


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