Temperature-controlled air transport service to Shanghai

Appropriately managed storage at our own temperature-controlled warehouse at the airport.

The service will include optimal transport propositions from Tokyo to Shanghai by our experienced staff, and for the first time for a Japanese company, appropriately temperature-controlled storage at our own warehouse at Pudong Airport.

BCP warehouse that complies with the regulations by the Chinese Ministry of Health.

The warehouse has emergency power generators for blackouts to minimize impact. Just in case of temperature change, an automatic alarming system will alert the administrator to ensure a thoroughly protected system to manage customers’ items. [Freezers: -5 to -18 ℃ Refrigerators: 2 to 8 ℃ Room-temperature storage room: as appropriate]

High-quality service that responds to customer needs.

Responding to the nature of customers’ items and cost, we will propose diverse means of transport and ensure advanced handling. Our experienced staff will fully support the transport, from the evaluation of the transport, to introducing, adopting and reviewing the plan.


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