Narita Global Logistics Center has been to provide more powerful service!

We have integrated three services—Freight Forwading + Warehouse + Local Distribution and Delivery—into a single facility. IT allows us reduce conveying costs and transfer times and provide High-speed logistics. We provide consolidated services by using advantageous locations as connection points with the world.


  • Feature 01

    Located adjacent to Narita Airport,
    the new terminal is an unrivaled
    connection to the world!

    The terminal is perfectly located, just 15 minutes from Narita Airport, 9.8 km from the Higashi-Kanto Expressway’s Tomisato Interchange, and 75 km from central Tokyo.

  • Feature 02

    The new terminal is situated next to a truck terminal operated by Seino Transportation Co., which is one of our business partners.
    It is a combined logistics base comprised of an airport shed, high-quality logistics warehouse, and domestic transport and delivery terminal.

    Seino Transportation’s truck terminal is directly connected to ours within the same facility, an arrangement that greatly speeds up transport and delivery.
    We operate the warehouse’s second floor as a logistics center. Fully equipped to handle five major functions—transport and delivery, storage, cargo handling, packing, and distribution processing—the center links Japan and the world with the exact same quality.

  • Feature 03

    The terminal also has excellent access to Tokyo Port and regional ports.

    Located 85 km from Tokyo Port and 122 km from Yokohama Port…
    And located 55 km from Kashima Port and 120 km from Hitachinaka Port…
    Narita Global Logistics Center can serve just about any port in the region.


  • Advantage 01


    Reduce operations lead time

    • Reduce lead time by utilizing the proximity of the airport shed, inventory warehouse, and collection/delivery base
    • And faster completion of the shipping and delivery stages due to proximity to the domestic delivery terminal
  • Advantage 02


    Introduction of work management system to maintain high quality

    We have realized high-quality warehouse management with the introduction of management techniques equivalent to those adopted by manufacturers.

    Utilization of Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    • We offer solid support for shipper’s logistics operations through accurate inventory quantification, operation efficiency improvement and quality standardization.
    • We are also achieving high efficiency by sequentially introducing AI and automation and linking them to our WMS.

Service & License

We hold the licenses that allow us to fulfill the diversified needs of our clients.
Our logistics services respond flexibly to our clients’ many demands.

Service name Service content Products handled

Licensed General

We are a registered warehouse business (Category 1 Warehouse). We pledge to engage in secure and precise warehouseoperations.

General products,
excluding hazardous items,
refrigerated items, etc.


Medical equipment manufacturing*

We registered within the medical equipment manufacturing industry. We can handle such operations as pre-market product storage, labeling, and shipping decisions. We have received ISO 13485 certification.

Medical equipment


Medical equipment
sales and leasing*

We possess permits for selling and leasing specially controlled medical devices. We join hands with the medical equipment manufacturing industry to provide comprehensive service up to the end user.

Medical equipment


Handling of clinical trial equipment*

We can store and manage clinical trial equipment based on the Ministerial Ordinance on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) for Medical Devices.

Medical equipment


Cosmetics industry*

We are licensed by the cosmetics industry (packing, labeling, and storage). We provide pre-market product storage and all kinds of distribution processing operations.



Product inspections
and checking needles

We can take charge of all work related to inspections of pre-market products. We can also handle needle checks by X-ray and roller.

Medical equipment,
apparel, shoes, bags



We can handle e-commerce logistics for individuals by coordinating with shippers’ EC systems.

Medical equipment,
automotive parts,


Pre-export product
management services

We do the work of crossdocking—inspecting, classification, and transshipping—immediately after receiving products from multiple vendors. This minimizes lead time.

Electronic components,
automotive parts,
ship parts


ULD intact delivery

We break down ULD at our own warehouse and reduce lead time from import customs clearance to warehouse storage and inventory.

International airfreight

*Not handled at all warehouses. Please contact us for details.


Products handled

We offer flexible logistics services that respond to a broad range of products to fulfill requests by diverse customers.

Capitalizing on our expertise, we offer flexible logistics services that cover a broad range of products and fulfill requests by diverse customers.

  • Electronic Device

  • Processed Food

  • Healthcare, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical

  • Retailer, Consumable Items (FMCG)

  • Automotive Sectors


Cases that illustrate our services

We meet the sophisticated needs of our customers by capitalizing on our high-functional facilities, licenses obtained and abundant experience.

  • Handling of medical equipment and cosmetics*

    We have already acquired manufacturer’s licenses (packing, labeling, and storage) and therefore are not required to apply for a warehouse manufacturer’s license. We also have a full-time technical supervisor on the job and therefore do not need to assign one. Additionally, we are certified under the international standards ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. We also achieve complete quality control under the leadership of a full-time team.

    *Not handled at all warehouses. Please contact us for details.

  • Operation of 3PL warehouses

    We manage warehouse operations on behalf of shippers. We pledge to engage in complete inventory control and distribution processing and to execute warehouse operations with emphasis on quality.

  • Quality check, needle-checking and distribution processing for apparel products

    We can take charge of all work related to inspections of pre-market products.
    We can naturally handle tagging and other forms of distribution processing, and also needle checks by X-ray and roller as well.

  • e-commerce

    We can handle e-commerce logistics for individuals by integrated with ERP.
    We can efficiently handle all the logistics activities from End to End at our warehouse facility.

  • Temporary storage for export

    We do the work of cross-docking—inspecting, classification, and transshipping—immediately after receiving products from multiple vendors. This minimizes lead time.

Our facilities

  • Name
    Narita Global Logistics Center
    Total warehouse area
    2 floors/steel construction
    21-2 Minamisanrizuka, Narita-shi, Chiba

    * Opening: July 16, 2019

  • Name
    Narita Cargo Center
    Total floor area
    4 floors/reinforced concrete construction
    795-15 Shikanohara, Iizasa, Tako-machi, Katori-gun, Chiba
  • Name
    Osaka Cargo Terminal
    Total floor area
    5 floors/fire-resistant reinforced concrete construction
    4-11 Nanko-Higashi, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
  • Name
    Minami Funabashi Cargo Center
    Total floor area
    4 floors/steel construction
    3-4-4 Hama-cho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba