Launching a new logistics centre
in Singapore

Hankyu Hanshin Logistics Centre, which serves as a hub of the ASEAN region, was launched to provide services that maximize the benefits of Singapore.


Ready to serve you as a hub of the ASEAN region

Take advantage of our warehouse in Singapore for efficient logistics services with nations in the ASEAN


  • 1. Reduced time for delivery to clients in the ASEAN
  • 2. Decrease in transportation cost through enhanced loading efficiency enabled by cargo consolidation
  • 3. Shorter delivery time that results in creation of sales opportunities, enabling shippers to concentrate on their core business


The Hankyu Hanshin Logistics Centre in Singapore features “three HIGHs” – the strengths that manifest in reliable superiority

  • Advantage 01


    Facilities that accommodate diversified needs

    • Ramps are installed to enable direct access to each floor
    • Air conditioned floors: Temperatures within the range of +22℃ and approx. 25℃ (Floor area of the warehouse’s second floor: Approx. 2,700 sq. m.)
    • Facilities are equipped to meet diversified needs from medical equipment to consumables and products in the e-commerce sectors

    High value-added logistics Capitalizing on our outstanding know-how

    Our services are on standby to respond to a wide range of requirements including RDC/LDC management, non-resident inventory, bonded storage (as a licensed company), buyers’ consolidation, cross dock requirements, medical equipment, retail sector and distribution processing.

    Systems and equipment that enhance inventory capacity, productivity and operational quality

    • Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking system (a rack system with aisles that are narrower than in the conventional system)
    • Application of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) (semi-automatic forklifts) and Warehouse Management System (WMS)
    • Semi-automatic operations are realized with the AGV and WMS interface to execute safe, secure and efficient operations
  • Advantage 02


    Introduction of work management system to maintain high quality

    We have realized high-quality warehouse management with the introduction of management techniques equivalent to those adopted by manufacturers.

    Utilization of Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    We offer solid support for shipper’s logistics operations through accurate inventory quantification, operation efficiency improvement and quality standardization.

  • Advantage 03


    Swift action

    • After conducting a hearing to meet shipper’s requests, we take swift action from presentation of a proposal and quote to launching of operations after signing a contract.
    • After the operation launch, we promptly put the PDCA cycle in motion using our warehouse operation management system, hold regular meetings and implement continuous operational improvements.

Service & License

We are well equipped to fulfill the diversifying needs of our clients, as witnessed by the licenses we hold in areas ranging from customs to medical equipment.
By taking advantage of our location in Singapore, we offer a wide variety of logistics services.

Service name Service content Products handled

Buyers’ consolidation

We consolidate cargo from suppliers around the world and in Singapore, meaning the shipment of your cargo can be timed to meet your schedule or manufacturing line requirements.

Electronic devices
Electric apparatus


IPO-related logistics support functions

Cargo from around the world is consolidated at the IPO*1 and transported to neighboring countries to support the logistics needs of manufacturers and trading companies for integrated purchasing.

Electronic devices


Bonded management(ZG license)

Your goods can be kept in bonded storage at our warehouse because it is Zero GST*2-licensed by Singapore Customs.

Electronic devices


Non-resident inventory

Singapore allows non-residents to store inventory, which enables foreign companies to store overseas inventory.

Maintenance parts
Automotive sectors


Domestic sales logistics(LDC management)

We provide one-stop services for distribution processing such as tagging, inventory control and delivery to shops by dedicated vehicles.

Retail sector


Handling of medical equipment(GDPMDS certification)

We are GDPMDS*3-certified, meaning we are accredited to handle medical equipment. Our integrated services cover inventory control, storage and delivery.

Medical equipment


Handling of food(AVA license)- ambient temperature storage

We are licensed by AVA*4 to handle food, which enables us to offer one-stop services for inventory control and delivery.

Processed food



We offer constant temperature / humidity storage services in our air-conditioned rooms.

Medical equipment

※1 IPO = International Procurement Office

※2 GST = Goods Service Tax

※3 GDPMDS = Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device in Singapore

※4 AVA = Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore


Products handled

We offer flexible logistics services that respond to a broad range of products to fulfill requests by diverse customers.

Capitalizing on our expertise, we offer flexible logistics services that cover a broad range of products and fulfill requests by diverse customers.

  • Electronic Device

  • Processed Food

  • Healthcare, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical

  • Retailer, Consumable Items (FMCG)

  • Automotive Sectors


Cases that illustrate our services

We meet the sophisticated needs of our customers by capitalizing on our high-functional facilities, licenses obtained and abundant experience.

  • Constant temperature storage at domestic cargo warehouse

    We respond to your needs for storage management (room temperature: approx. 22℃/humidity:60%) with our constant temperature warehouse (air conditioned rooms).

  • Bonded management (ZG license)

    Our Zero-GST licensed warehouse can be used to keep goods in bonded storage.
    We provide one-stop services from customs clearance processing to delivery

  • Buyer’s consolidation

    We consolidate goods on our containers on behalf of buyers and transport them to their destinations. The cargo shipment can be timed to meet your schedule or manufacturing line requirements.

  • Storage/picking/shop delivery

    As a third-party logistics (3PL) partner, we offer a range of services from storage to delivery and returns as a hub within Singapore. With our AVA license, we are approved to handle food.

  • Handling of medical equipment (GDPMDS certification)

    As a GDPMDS-certified company, we are approved to handle medical equipment. Our services range from inventory control to storage and delivery.

  • Utilization of certificate of origin

    Goods will be eligible for preferential tax treatment at thedestination country even when they pass through Singaporean warehouse by issuing a Back to Back Certificate of Origin that can be used to certify origin.


The location is close to harbor area, new Tuas port, city centre and Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing


Hankyu Hanshin Logistics Centre
Site area
Approx. 19,200 sq. m.
Total floor area
Approx. 48,000 sq. m.
Nine floors / Reinforced concrete construction
Operation started in May 2017
Operating company
Hankyu Hanshin Express (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
38 Jalan Buroh Singapore 619504(MAP