Corporate Message

Connecting lives,
Connecting the world and connecting the future
We are committed to remaining a company that perpetually contributes to the world by globally connecting information and thoughts rather than merely transporting cargo.

  • Corporate Philosophy

    We connect value globally

    We do not merely transport cargo: we bring Prosperity to people throughout the world by globally connecting various values through the spirit of cargo transportation.
    Hankyu Hanshin Express’ mission is to grow into a company that fulfills the needs of society and contributes to the world.

  • Business Policy

    A vibrant enterprise arises from respecting diversity

    We leverage and allow diversity to flourish in creating an energetic and lively enterprise. We respect the individuality of each employee, customer, partner and all other stakeholders while ensuring that our organization is run by people filled with vitality.

  • Code of Conduct

    Be professional

    Be a pioneer

    Be passionate