Effective: 04/01/2022

This policy applies to all users (hereinafter referred to as the "Users") of the services provided by Hankyu Hanshin Express Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Companies") through "social media" and its ancillary services (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Services").

The purpose of using social media

We aim to achieve the following three goals by proactively disclosing our business activities through social media and keeping in mind dialogue with stakeholders.
・We will actively disclose its business activities to enhance transparency.
・We will strive to increase awareness of our Companies and services by deepening interactions and strengthening with our customers, partners, and many other people.
・We will strive to receive feedback from the Companies and the services on social media, and feedback on the Companies' business activities.

Preparedness for using social media

Awareness of and responsibility for information transmission and support on social media

In using social media as a tool for communication and public relations on the Internet, our employees (Including employees, Part-time employees, dispatch employees, and equivalents. The same shall apply hereafter.) and related parties (Employees of business partners or equivalents who are involved in the operation of the Companies' official social media accounts. The same shall apply hereafter.) will observe the following basic principles and act with integrity to earn the trust of our customers.

(1) As the transmission of information on a Companies' account may have a considerable impact on the world, we will be aware of these impacts and strive to avoid posting false or misleading information.
(2) When transmitting information on a Companies' account, Companies' employees shall be fully aware that the information can be accessed by an unspecified number of users, and that the information cannot be completely deleted once transmitted, we will comply with relevant laws and Companies regulations and be responsible and conscious of the information transmission.
(3) We will remember our priorities in our daily work and fulfill our responsibilities first and foremost.
(4) Be aware that there might be a possibility of updating or occurring some changes to the information which has been posted.
(5) When we communicate information, we will refrain from transmitting personal information content. We will also carefully avoid infringing on the copyrights, portrait rights, honor, or other rights of third parties.
(6) We always recognize that a good relationship between the Companies (or its employees) and its users can be established through communication on social media, which contributes significantly to enhancing the Companies' brand.
(7) Recognizing that social media is a space for communication among users, we will always remember to listen to what others said and respond with sincerity.
(8) When quoting content, articles, etc. from third parties, we will indicate the source of the content and the quoted portions.
(9) If any incorrect information is transmitted or any misunderstanding is caused, we will promptly apologize and make corrections.

Compliance with internal and external regulations and rules

In transmitting information, we will comply with laws and regulations as well as our own internal rules and regulations, and as members of society with common sense, we will take responsibility for our actions and communicate with our customers in "Integrity, Fairness, and Impartiality", avoiding words and actions that may deviate from social common sense.

Requests to our customers, business partners, and users

・Not all information transmitted by the Companies (or its employees) on social media necessarily represents the official views of the Companies, and the Companies does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or usefulness of the information posted. For official announcements from the Companies, please refer to the Companies' website and news releases.
・We are constantly listening to what is said about us on social networking sites to improve brand favorability and customer satisfaction through sustainable communication.
・In addition, the comments and opinions received may be used for future activities, marketing, and other analytical data of the Companies.
・Please be aware in advance that different social media accounts have different ways of interacting (e.g., how and whether to respond, response times, etc.).
・We do not reply to comments, replies, or DM (direct message) inquiries from users to our account.
・Even if a user follows our Companies' account, it does not mean that all users are followed. As well, we may follow a user's account even if the user does not follow our Companies' account. If a user repeatedly makes comments that we consider to be malicious, we may block the user's account. In such cases, we will not notify the user.

Personal Information Handling

・The Company will properly manage the personal information that it obtains under the "privacy policy" set forth by the Company.


・Please be aware that you are solely responsible for viewing, information gathering, and commenting on our official accounts. We will not be liable for any damages incurred by you in connection with our official accounts.
・Please be aware that we are unable to answer technical questions regarding social media or questions about how to use social media.
・We are not responsible for any damages incurred by users or third parties due to problems between users or between users and third parties related to social media.
・The Japanese version of this Social Media Policy is the original version. The Japanese version of this document may be translated into various languages to make it easier for our employees in each country to understand. However, if there are any discrepancies in interpretation or meaning between the Japanese version and another language version, please give priority to the Japanese version for reference.

Prohibited Matters

Please refrain from the following activities and postings (The following acts, expressions, etc., including the posting of URLs of linked sites). Please be aware that the Companies may delete or block your account at its discretion if you engage in any of the following acts (Not limited to the following). In addition, we are not liable for any loss or damage incurred due to such actions.

(1) Those who violate or may violate laws, ordinances, and common sense
(2) Those which leads to or may lead to illegal or criminal activities
(3) Any defamation, slander, threat, obscenity, harassment, contempt, etc., that causes or is likely to cause disadvantage or damage to others, as determined by the Companies
(4) Impersonation of others, false, fraudulent, or misleading content
(5) Political, electoral and religious activities
(6) Content completely unrelated to the content of this page
(7) Those which infringe on intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademarks, etc.), portrait rights, or privacy
(8) Those containing harmful programs, scripts, etc.
(9) Using our social media for commercial purposes
(10) Any violation of the terms of use set forth by the respective social media
(11) Contents that damage the reputation or credibility of the Companies, other users, or other third parties
(12) Those that are deemed inappropriate by the Companies, such as those that interfere with the management and operation of the Companies.

The copyright of information posted on this page belongs to the Companies, and users may not use such information without permission from the Companies beyond the scope permitted by copyright law.
Copyrights to information, etc. posted by users on our social media accounts belong to the users themselves. Users grant us the right to use (including, but not limited to, processing, excerpting, reproducing, publishing, and translating) such information worldwide free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis by posting it on this page, and users may also not exercise their moral rights against the Companies, or anyone designated by the Companies.

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