• Automobiles


    The spread of next-generation mobility such as EVs is resulting in rapid changes in the automotive industry. We provide prompt and flexible total coordination of automotive logistics services to meet a variety of needs, including procurement of raw materials and components, and transportation of KD parts, service parts, and finished vehicles.

  • Electronics


    Specialized knowledge and experience are required to handle high value-added electronic components and semiconductor-related cargo. Our experienced staff support the supply chain of the high-tech industry by taking the utmost care in arranging vehicles, pickups, packing, customs clearance, insurance, and a wide range of other processes to ensure the quality of products.

  • Animals


    We were the first forwarder in Japan to transport pandas and koalas, and we also have experience in transporting other large animals such as elephants and tigers. As a pioneer in animal transportation, we draw on our experience and achievements to support animal breeding projects around the world and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

  • Medical Equipment

    Medical Equipment

    Narita Cargo Center is a registered manufacturer of medical equipment, is licensed to sell and lease highly-controlled medical equipment, and is ISO 13485 certified. In addition, it has acquired GDP-MD certification for handling medical equipment in Singapore and Malaysia, and provides high-quality, high value-added logistics services in Japan and overseas.

  • Pharmaceutical Products

    Pharmaceutical Products

    We have acquired CEIV Pharma certification (the GDP of air transportation) from IATA at Kansai and Narita International Airports, and provide high-quality services for air import and export. We coordinate to ensure safe and speedy transportation. We are also facilitating the acquisition of GDP certification overseas and building a safe transportation network for medical care.

  • Food Products

    Food Products

    With the diversification of global food culture in recent years, awareness of food safety and quality has increased, and maintaining freshness is a top priority in the international transportation of such products. Our experienced and dedicated team delivers fresh, quality ingredients from around the world to dining tables everywhere.