Providing high quality global logistics services and developing optimal logistics solutions for our customers.

With the rapid globalization of the economy and rise of developing nations, businesses now have to flexibly adapt to fast changing and ever more diversified operating environments. With know-how and expertise built up over more than half a century operating as a pioneering international logistics provider, Hankyu Hanshin Express has developed and deployed a global network to offer a range of services.

While striving to maintain and improve the quality of our services, Hankyu Hanshin Express acts as your company's valuable business partner, providing quality, integrated and tailored logistics and offering supply chain management support.

  • International Airfreight Transportation

    Our fully integrated start-to-finish seamless service, made possible by the expertise and know-how we have built up over the last half-century, has come to be depended on by many businesses.

  • International Maritime Cargo Transport

    Hankyu Hanshin Express provides a wide variety of time-specified and consolidated cargo options through our extensive international network and partnerships with local operators.

  • Customs Clearance

    Customs clearing, an essential part of importing and exporting, is an area in which Hankyu Hanshin Express excels.

  • Domestic Freight

    Hankyu Hanshin Logipartners, one of the Group's subsidiaries and a domestic freight specialist with vast experience, takes full responsibility for the freight and storage of domestic cargo.

  • Logistics

    Our highly equipped logistics consulting service experts provide customer focused solutions utilizing the latest information technology.

  • Hankyu Hanshin Global System

    The Hankyu Hanshin Global System is an integrated logistics system that controls and visualizes the entire logistics process through interfacing logistics industry systems and customer systems.

  • Quality Management

    In order to ensure high quality services and satisfy our customers, Hankyu Hanshin Express continually improves our quality management system through ISO initiatives as we pursue ongoing enhancement of the quality of our services.
    The Quality Management Division, will team up with the customer management department, customs clearance department and bonded warehouse department to maintain and improve the AEO system.