• Africa Service

    Africa Service

    Thanks to investments in Intraspeed South Africa (Pty) Ltd. , a company with years of know-how and an extensive agency network in Africa, we are able to provide door-to-door delivery in almost all the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. We provide safe and speedy transportation services through a unique understanding of each country’s customs clearance rules and logistics risks.

  • Customs Think Tank

    Customs Think Tank

    In 2019, we launched the Customs Think Tank project, which calls on customs professionals to explain the complex systems and rules of EPAs around the world in simple terms. Through this project, we are helping customers use EPAs and reduce customs duty amounts by applying the agreed tariff rates. We also provide consulting services for other trade practices–related problems and issues.

  • ECO Solutions

    ECO Solutions

    We propose "global environmentally friendly logistics" that reduces CO2 emissions by combining the following measures : Reducing environmental impact ; (1) Lighter Packing : Review materials to reduce weight (2) Shortest transportation route : Selecting the nearest port and consolidating warehouses (3) Modal shift : using domestic vessels and railroads.