Your professional total logistics solution provider in Taiwan

Hankyu Hanshin Express (Taiwan) Ltd became a local subsidiary since 1999, we provide services that each department of Sales and CS operations will unite with the motto of reaching the each place, we keep closely step to customer and provide one stop shopping for any demand of logistics services. A wide range of handling and business field from large-scale equipment for semiconductor and flat-panel display manufacturers to advanced materials and electronic parts. We also handle multiple function of machine & its parts, as well as the automobile industry etc. We are expanding to handling consumer products such like fast sales retail stores recently years.
A comprehensive logistics service in northern Taiwan through partnership with ILC (International Logistics Center) licensed warehouse, we also supply hub service to Northeast Asia starting from Kaohsiung area. Our expansion of logistics base function by positioning optimum location linking ASEAN and East Asia.


Cargo Fuel Surcharge from Taiwan