To be excellent logistics provider, To be reliable partner, Great Passion in Central Eastern Europe!

Our Prague office was established in April 2011 to offer reliable & sustainable logistics services in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) as well as in Czech through collaboration with local logistics partner which is one of biggest freight forwarding companies in this area. We, Prague office are proud of handling sensitive machinery, automotive parts, air-conditioning parts with a high-quality transport network that covers all corners of CEE with the service of air, sea, domestic vehicle, warehouse and railway service. Our specialized services are:
1. LCL service from Tokyo to CEE : We operate own-specialized LCL service from Tokyo to Central East Europe weekly through agent CFS in Vienna, which enables us to improve security, cost effectiveness and shorten the lead time. 2. Network in CEE: With agent network, we can offer you any options & suitable suggestions as logistics partner. 3. Unload, Unpack & Installation service for facilities of production line: As the transport of oversized cargo and big facilities has to be carefully handled, we have confidence that we can support such sensitive cargo meticulously from door to door.Our Prague office aims to boost & strengthen sales and marketing of cargo with services offered in Central Eastern Europe and in South areas such as Serbia, Slovenia as well.


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