Working to deliver high quality services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

In order to ensure high quality services and satisfy our customers, Hankyu Hanshin Express continually improves our quality management system through ISO initiatives as we pursue ongoing enhancement of the quality of our services.

ISO9001 (Quality management system)

In January 1996, our air and maritime import/export logistics services acquired ISO9002 accreditation, an international standard for service quality. Following the amendment to the standard, we acquired ISO9001:2000 in December 2001. After the transition to ISO9001:2008 in August 2009, we completed the transition to ISO9001:2015 in December 2016. Hankyu Hanshin Express is accredited in the below areas of service—evidence that the quality of our services is globally recognized. Moving forward we promise to deliver safe, accurate and swift services to exceed every customer's expectations.

Accredited Areas of Service:
1. Handling of international air cargo & ocean cargo, and international combined transportation (NVOCC).
2. Domestic transportation, merchandise control in warehouse, warehousing distribution processing, and related services of international transportation.
3. Design/Development of international air cargo consolidation & NVOCC.

ISO14001 (Environmental management system)

Hankyu Hanshin Express views environmental conservation as an important business challenge and has accordingly developed environmental policies and acquired ISO14001:2004 on June 30, 2006. Following the amendment to the standard, we reconsidered the policies as below and then completed the transition to ISO14001:2015 on May 21, 2018.

<Accredited Business Sites>
Hankyu Hanshin Narita Cargo Center
Hankyu Hanshin Osaka Cargo Terminal

Environmental Policy

Hankyu Hanshin Express conducts operations including international air and marine freight transportation, import/export customs clearing and warehousing. Understanding that environmental conservation is an important business challenge faced in the course of providing these services, Hankyu Hanshin Express conducts its business following the below policies in order to minimize the impact that our business activities have on the environment and contribute to the development of an enriched and peaceful society.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations
Hankyu Hanshin Express complies with environment related laws, regulations, legal requirements and other requirements that are complied with our values. 

Continual improvements of environmental management systems
Hankyu Hanshin Express makes considerations for environmental conservation, encourages continual improvement and endeavors to prevent pollution. 


Development and evaluation of objectives and goals
Hankyu Hanshin Express develops objectives and goals in line with environmental policies, regularly evaluates performance and completes reviews, taking into consideration “external and internal issues” and “interested parties' needs” in order to implement environmental policies and realize environmental protection. 


Reduction of waste and efficient use of energy resources
Hankyu Hanshin Express strives to encourage waste reduction, proper disposal, promotion of recycling and efficient use of energy resources in order to minimize deterioration of the environment.

5. Development of a resource circulating society
Hankyu Hanshin Express encourages controlled use, reuse and recycling of materials and goods, and contributes to the development of a resource circulating society. 

Thorough policy disclosure
Hankyu Hanshin Express ensures that all employees and business partners are well informed of these policies, discloses the policies to external parties and makes them available to interest parties through environmental education and educational activities.

April 1, 2022

Kazuhiro Tanimura

President & Chief Operating Officer


Medical equipment manufacturing registration / ISO13485 (medical equipment quality management) / specially controlled medical devices distributing and leasing approval / cosmetics manufacturing approval

Hankyu Hanshin Express Narita Cargo Center has obtained Medical Equipment Manufacturing Registration, ISO 13485 accreditation, specially controlled medical devices distributing and leasing approval and cosmetics manufacturing approval. This means that Narita Cargo Center has developed and maintains the capacity to store and manage medical devices and cosmetics, ensuring quality and safety. Hankyu Hanshin Express provides high quality and high added value medical device and cosmetics logistics services.

1. Medical equipment manufacturing approval (packaging, labeling and storage)

Following the amendment to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act(the current Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act)in April 2005, operators are required to obtain approval for packaging, labeling and storing medical devices (including for businesses where sales and distribution are separated while logistics is independent). This amendment to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act has enabled manufacturers, importers and distributors of medical devices to fully entrust and commission logistics providers that have medical device manufacturing approval (packaging, labeling and storage) with tasks such as packaging, labeling and storage.

Details of approval
・Approval gained: Medical device manufacturing approval (packaging, labeling and storage)
・Accredited facility: 1) Hankyu Hanshin Narita Cargo Center
           2) Hankyu Hanshin Osaka Cargo Terminal
・Approval Date: 1) April 1, 2005
         2) August 6, 2018
※Following the amendment to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act in November 2014, changed from Medical equipment manufacturing "authorization" to "registration".

2. ISO13485 (Medical equipment quality management)

Additional requirements specifically for handling medical devices were added to the quality management systems standard ISO9001 to create ISO13485 on the grounds that medical devices have a significant impact on health and quality of life. (More specifically, requirements concerning items such as operational environment, product and service provision management, traceability and operational improvements have been added)

Medical devices here include a variety of equipment used for medical care including equipment such as syringe needles and catheters, machinery such as X-ray generators, materials such as dental filling, and extracorporeal diagnostic agents such as pregnancy test kits.

Details of accreditation
・Accredited standard: ISO13485-2016
・Accredited department: Medical device team, Hankyu Hanshin Narita Cargo Center
・Accredited fields: Services associated with labeling, sorting and packaging of medical devices
・Adjudicating authority: Japan Management Association Quality Assurance Registration Center (JMAQA)
・Registration approval date: April 11, 2005

3. Specially controlled medical devices distributing and leasing approval

Acquisition of the accreditation enables Hankyu Hanshin Express to directly deliver imported medical equipment to hospitals, doctors and research centers in addition to manufacturer/distributors or distributors, expanding our range of services.

Details of approval
・Approval gained: Specially controlled medical devices distributing and leasing approval
・Accredited department: 1) Medical device team, Hankyu Hanshin Narita Cargo Center
             2) Hankyu Hanshin Osaka Cargo Terminal

・Approval date: 1) May 31, 2007
        2) March 22, 2018

4. Cosmetic Products Manufacturing Authorization

This authorization enables Hankyu Hanshin Express to repackage and relabel imported cosmetic products, as well as insert written product information.

Details of accreditation
・Approval gained: Cosmetic Products Manufacturing Authorization (packaging, labeling and storage)
・Accredited department: Narita Cargo Center
・Registration approval date: July 25, 2019


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