We support our customers’ logistics strategies with the latest information system.

We offer our customers the optimized logistics solution through elaborate and accurate logistics management.

Hankyu Hanshin Global System supports customers’ logistics strategies by visualizing logistics information all over the world. We aggregate product and transport information at our regional hubs in 17 countries to globally visualize the cargo tracking in the minimum controllable unit from acceptance from sender to delivery to recipient. In addition, we offer our customers the optimized logistics solution through our high-quality services extended all over the world and controlled by the Hankyu Hanshin Global System.

Hankyu Hanshin Express has been working on the application of information technology in the logistics field from the very early days. With the latest IT, we promise to help its customers to build their advanced business strategy and global supply chain.

Moreover, our accurate data management by optimally combining electronic data interchange (EDI) and automatic identification technology (AIT), in addition to the assignment of unique number to each customer, enables us to provide each customer with fine-tuned support.

Security system

Based on our information security policy, we are committed to prevent the leakage or falsification of our customers’ valuable information. In addition, while preventing system failure, we duplicated our data centers in eastern and western Japan to minimize the risks from large-scale disasters.